Hey, Turbo here. You know, from TurboTime? Yup, that's me, but ya can call me Bo. Why am I a chick? Because fuck you, that's why. All I know is that I was plugged in recently, and that's all I know, so don't ask. I may seem agressive, hauty, and intolerable, but don't worry, it's just in my code. Give me some candy and I'll chill out.... Actually, give me candy, and I'll love you forever *cuz I loooovvvveeee candy!!!! Dunno why, I just do!* Oh, and I guess you can ask my twins, Booster and Shift questions.... If ya want... ((Ask and RP blog, will do NSFW, all ya gotta do is ask)) Permanent M!A: Bo has a little girl named Pedal. M!A status: NONE!