Hey, Turbo here. You know, from TurboTime? Yup, that's me, but ya can call me Bo. Why am I a chick? Because fuck you, that's why. All I know is that I was plugged in recently, and that's all I know, so don't ask. I may seem agressive, hauty, and intolerable, but don't worry, it's just in my code. Give me some candy and I'll chill out.... Actually, give me candy, and I'll love you forever *cuz I loooovvvveeee candy!!!! Dunno why, I just do!* Oh, and I guess you can ask my twins, Booster and Shift questions.... If ya want... ((Ask and RP blog, will do NSFW, all ya gotta do is ask)) Permanent M!A: Bo has a little girl named Pedal. M!A status: NONE!
Hey, Bo... did you forget? ;') It's okay, but I did post your Christmas request, if you want to check that out.

Wait, forget what??? Sorry, I’ve been gone fer a while…. But I saw th’pic, thanks Junkie!

((Hey everyone!!!! So I know, I’ve dropped off the face of the earth again, I’m sorry for not notifying any of my followers! I’ve been on my original blog, because I’ve just been very low on inspiration for this blog, and my Bonnie Goldenrod blog as well. So I just wanted you all to know that I’m officially putting this blog on a hiatus, until idk when…. I feel like Bo is just left in the dust….. I mean, I was thinking about rebooting her, but right now, I just don’t have the time for a rp blog.

HOWEVER!!!! I am still very active on my regular blog!!!! If you want to follow me, come on! The blog is Chocaholic523, and I just blog whatever catches my fancy! So even though I probably won’t roleplay on that blog, I won’t shy away from any asks you may want to send!!!! Or if you just wanna chat, or w/e :D so, just a heads up to all my buddies here! I love you all!!!!

I'm..I'm sorry to say this...but...Buggy is no longer with us...I'm sorry.

"W-wait….. What????" She stares at the anon, her eyes slowly widening. "What….. What do you mean???? He’s no longer with us?????" Tears well up in her eyes. "No….. No, he can’t be gone…… He can’t!!!!!" She rubs at her eyes, trying not wipe her tears as they fall, but they start to come too fast. She felt like a part of her heart had been ripped out. Why had she left for so long? Why didn’t she check up on him more often??? She knew he had been depressed for a long time, and she new she didn’t know how to make him feel better, but still, she blamed herself partially.

"I……… I’ll miss you Buggy……… Iloveyou……"